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Hi, I'm Arjun

The quest for well-being as a form of communion with nature and spirituality has naturally led me to meet with various masters of the world who have always inspired me with the wealth of Oriental wisdom applied to the arts of healing and personal development. Joining the poetry of celebrating life with the charm of living under stars, I want to help you become clearer about your essential purpose for a full life. Namaste!

Arjun Das
Teacher and creator of Viver Ayurveda (Living Ayurveda) & Celestial Herbalism

"Those who know Arjun can feel for him the same as me. Arjun is a young Rishi with an organic and deep understanding of Ayurvedic wisdom. His work is exemplary in how Ayurveda can function to build a healthy community."

David Crow
Author of the book "In Search of the Medicine Buddha"

"Arjun Das is one of those rare teachers who combines a vast knowledge on the Science of Life, Ayurveda, with the spirituality in the shadow of which this art was born and developed in Ancient India. The work and life example of Arjun Das are especially important."

Pedro Kupfer
Writer and Yoga Teacher

"Arjun is a passionate and compassionate professional. His love for Ayurveda ignites the growth and development of Ayurveda in South America. He conducts a wonderful training program for his students, health professionals and the community."

Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla
President of AAPNA - Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America, USA

"I congratulate Arjun Das for the launch of his new website. I have known him, thanks to the internet, for 25 years and since then he has been studying and teaching Ayurveda in Brazil and in other countries. His courses help people understand the practical aspect of an Ayurvedic life."

Dr. Partap Chauhan
Founder of Jiva Institute, Índia

"His experience of decades makes him unique among practitioners of this science. Arjun has a strong knowledge of Vedic Astrology and interprets horoscopes, especially in the field of health. Arjun is a very nice person and I sincerely recommend it to everyone."

Dean Dominic de Lucia
Author of the book "Astrologia Védica"

"I consider him as my son and my special student as well. In addition, being an Indian, I am very happy that he is spreading Ayurveda internationally. He has a unique personality among the foreign guests I met, with great kindness and affection."

Karuna Vaidya Guruji
Living legend of Ayurveda in Kerala

Mentorship & Coaching

Have a specialist by your side accompanying you guiding you to get the best personal or professional performance as a therapist with focus, strategy and thriving results.

OnLine Services: AyurLight

It is a unique proposal that brings together in a program guidelines for a broader understanding of life, promoting enthusiasm and longevity with awareness of the greater purposes for each stage of our life. The AyurLight program rescues the ancient tradition of thinking about health and wellbeing under the Starlight integrating Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology.

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Each being is full in health, well-being and contentment. Within each one resides a unique signature that spontaneously guides us towards balance, harmony and wisdom. 

~ Arjun Das

Next Journey: ÍNDIA.
Much more than a trip, a renaissance

Come with our next group! Get ready for an authentic dip in a land that will leave your soul nourished by all the senses with beauty, flavors, aromas and musicality. You will soon be part of this new immersion that I organize to have a direct experience in the cultural cradle of a people who have inspired humanity for millennia.

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